Bio: Started as Application Developer / System Administrator Lotus Notes / Domino in 1998. Since 2000 started with Java / J2EE and started with Nutch around the time we moved from source-forge to ASF. Since that time the project has grown and was split into the Open Source implementation of MapReduce (Hadoop), Tika (a parser library and Mime-type detector) and Solr is currently integrated into Nutch, Hadoop is also split in a number of sub-projects. One of these is Mahout, a library of machine learning algorithms for natural Language processsing. Specialties: Open source, Enterprise Search, Lucene, Hadoop, Solr, Nutch , Mahout, cloud computing (EC2/MapReduce), Linux, Objective C, PHP, Open Source CMS systems (both Java and PHP). SOA, Webservices, XML Special interest: I am particularly interested in everything that has to do with content, such as CMS systems and conversion tools. Also Content Extraction Techniques and it's aspects (like text-extracting libraries) have my interest, as well as Content Scraping. In my free time I enjoy experimenting with scraping of sites and databases and keeping up with developments For more information and my latest CV see my website at: http://www.evertwagenaar.com/

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